Coasteering Izu
Japan 1 day ex Tokyo

Ever thought when you go kayaking, canoing or rafting that you would love to be in the water more? Then we have the sea
adventure for you!

Coasteering started on the rocky shores of Wales in the UK and is a wonderful physical activity to get close to the sea and
coastline at that exciting inter-tidal zone. The rocky coastline of the Izu Peninsula is the perfect spot for Japan's first
coasteering trips. In fact, the very nature of the amazing coastline in southern Izu demands climbing, scrambling and sea
level traversing and is how the first coastline adventure races started that lead to the creation of this wonderful sport.

Our day will encompass moving along stunning coastline on foot or by swimming, without the aid of boats, surf boards or
other craft.  As an activity it is somewhere between rock pooling and adventurous ocean swimming – with a few rocky
traverses, tidal current whirlpools and thrilling deep water jumps thrown in!

A defining factor of coasteering is the opportunity provided by the marine geology for moving in the “impact zone” where
water, waves, rocks, gullies, caves etc come together to provide a very high energy environment. Coasteering involves
exposure in exhilarating positions that can only be seen and experienced during these activities.

So how difficult is it? If you're comfortable in the water you can come coasteering – and we, of course, recommend you
do to be a part of the first trips ever in Japan of this great sport. You will be provided with wet suits, helmets and gloves,
you will just need to bring some old trainers to grip the wet rocks and stop abrasions.  There will always be two qualified
and experienced guides – the water babies! - to help the group make their way around the breathtaking course we have
mapped out and getting to the best natural features in the area.

Meet your coasteering guides
Private tour
departs daily.

Meeting point
Hachiko Exit,
Shibuya station

Group size
Min 2, Max 8

1 day
Japanese style
lunch (on
secluded beach
– don’t forget to
bring your
snorkeling gear!)
Onsen entry
from/to Ueno
speaking guides

20,000 yen per
Lincoln Taylor has been an adventure guiding instructing in the outdoors for the past 18 years and
has been based in Japan for 9 years. Lincoln spent one year instructing and guiding in North Wales,
the home of coasteering, and during his time in Japan has been one of the canyoning pioneers,
coasteering's inland cousin. Lincoln is an accomplished kayaker and spends much of his free time
looking for new rivers, canyons and coastline to explore kayaking, rafting, canyoning and coasteering.
Lincoln holds a current wilderness first aid, BCU Kayak coach, CIC Canyoning guide, Bronze
Medallion, and a RLS swim coach certificate.
Aaron Davis has been in the small group adventure travel industry for over 10 years, working in over
20 countries as a group leader, tour designer and, most recently, a manager more interested in
jumping 15 meters into crashing waves than sipping coffee at a desk. Based in Japan for the past 5
years he has spent a 4.5 of them trying to find the perfect coasteering spots here to recreate the
beauty and thrills he experience in the Pembrokeshire area of Western Wales many years ago when
first trying the sport. Aaron spends most of his free time teaching his 3 daughters to swim so they can
help him compete in open water marathons. He holds Advanced First Aid and CPR (Australian Red
Cross), Bronze Medallion, AUSTSWIM  teaching qualifications, Swift Water Rescue 1 and a RLS swim
coach certificate